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October 4, 2008 - 8:16 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Dr. Thomas Scheck

Dr. Thomas Scheck, a Senior Fellow of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, is an Assistant Professor in Pastoral Theology at the Ave Maria University Institute for Pastoral Theology.

Thomas Scheck received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa (2004) in Religion, Classics and Philosophy. His dissertation is scheduled for publication with The University of Notre Dame Press under the title: Origen and the History of Justification. Dr. Scheck has also translated several works of the Fathers of the Church: Origen’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, St. Jerome’s Commentary on Matthew, Origen’s Homilies on Numbers, Pamphilus’s Apology for Origen, Origen’s Homilies on Ezekiel.

Dr. Scheck is a revert to the Catholic Church (1999). After experiencing a deep religious conversion in 1983 (which had followed a Catholic upbringing), he pursued full-time ministry as an evangelical Protestant. From 1990-99 he served as an Evangelical Free Church pastor in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa and spent three years as a missionary in Leipzig, Germany. Professor Scheck attributes his return to the Catholic Church to his encounter with the Catholic theological tradition, above all the writings of the Fathers of the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the writings of Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Professor Scheck is married and has six children. He and his wife, Susan, live in South Bend, Indiana.

Full Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Books by Dr. Scheck

Selected Articles:

- William of St. Thierry's Reception of Origen's Exegesis of Romans (.pdf file, requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

- Review of "Origen: Homilies on Joshua," trans. by Barbara J. Bruce (.pdf file, requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

- Translation of Walther Volker, Review of Walter Bauer's Rechtglaubigkeit und Ketzerei im altesten Christentum (.pdf file, requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

- Justification in Origen's Commentary on Romans and its Reception During the Reformation Era (.pdf file, requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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