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October 4, 2008 - 8:27 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Father Robert Barron - Curriculum Vitae

Academic Positions


1992 to present: Professor of Systematic Theology, University of St. Mary of the Lake, Visiting


2002: Professor, University of Notre Dame,  




S.T.D., Institut Catholique de Paris, (1992) très honorable Dissertation:  Creation as Discipleship:  A Study of the De potentia of Thomas Aquinas in Light of the Dogmatik of Paul Tillich Advisor:  Michel Corbin


S.T.L., University of St. Mary of the Lake, (1986) summa cum laude Thesis:  A Consideration of the Two Natures Doctrine of Chalcedon in Light of the Essence-Existence Metaphysics of Aquinas Advisor:  John Shea


M.A., Catholic University of America, (Philosophy) summa cum laude Thesis:  Production and the Political Animal in the Writings of Karl Marx Advisor:  Daniel Dahlstrom


Honors and Awards


2003:  Catholic Press Association Book Award:  The Strangest Way:  Walking the Christian Path.


1998: Catholic Press Association Journalism Award:  Best Article—Clergy, Religious, “The Uncanny God”.


1997:  Catholic Press Association Book Award:  Thomas Aquinas:  Spiritual Master.


1995: Catholic Press Association Journalism Award:  Best Article—Professional and Special Interest, “Priest as Bearer of the Mystery”.




The Priority of Christ: Toward a Post-Liberal Catholicism  Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2007.


Bridging the Great Divide:  Musings of a Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative, Evangelical Catholic  

Chicago, IL:  Sheed and Ward, 2004.


The Strangest Way:  Walking the Christian Path  Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books,  2002


Heaven in Stone and Glass  New York, NY:  Crossroad, 2000


And Now I See:  A Theology of Transformation  New York, NY:  Crossroad, 1998


Thomas Aquinas:  Spiritual Master  New York, NY:  Crossroad, 1996


A Study of the De potentia of Thomas Aquinas in Light of the Dogmatik of Paul Tillich San Francisco, CA:  Edwin Mellen Press, 1993



Essays in Scholarly Journals


“Why Celibacy Makes Sense” Commonweal, August 12, 2005.


“Christian Humanism” Nova et Vetera, Summer 2005.


“Christ, the Victor Over Violence” Sign of Peace, Spring 2005.


“John Henry Newman Among the Postmoderns”  Newman Studies Journal, Spring 2005.


“Why Bernard Lonergan Matters for Pastoral People”  Chicago Studies, Winter, 2004.


“The Grandfather and the Voice from the Whirlwind:  Preaching the Problem of Suffering”  Chicago Studies, Spring 2004.


“Thomas Merton’s Metaphysics of Peace.”  The Josephinum Journal of Theology  Fall 2003.


“God as Artist”  Angelicum 80,  2003.


“The Liturgical Act and the Church of the 21st Century.”  Antiphon  vol. 7, n. 3,  2002.


“Comes a Warrior.”  The Sign of Peace, Vol. 2. n.1.  2002.


“Evangelizing the American Culture.”  Second Spring,  Fall, 2002.


“Beyond Beige Churches:  Modernity and Liturgical Architecture.”  Antiphon  Summer 2002.


“Considering the Systematic Theology of James William McClendon, Jr.”  Modern Theology  Summer 2002.


“The Theologies of Karl Rahner and Hans Urs von Balthasar:  A Dialogue of Theological Styles and Models of Priestly Ministry.”  special publication of The National Federation of Priests’ Councils,  September 2000.


“Beyond Beige Catholicism.”  Church  June, 2000.


“The Liturgy as a Display of God’s Justice.”  Antiphon  February, 2000.


“Mystagogues, World-Transformers, and Interpreters of Tongues.”  Seminary Journal  October, 1999.


“Priest as Mystagogue and Doctor of Souls:  A Conversation Revisited.”  Josephinum Journal of Theology  April, 1999.


“The Uncanny God.”  Chicago Studies  August, 1997.


“The Danger of Moderation.”  Church  December, 1996.


“Thomas Aquinas’s Theological Method and the Icon of Jesus Christ.”  Doctor Communis  August, 1996.


“Priest as Doctor of the Soul.”  Church  June, 1996.


“Fundamentalist Anthropology and a Catholic Response.”  Chicago Studies  April, 1996.


“Christian, Missionary of Hope.”  Chicago Studies  August, 1994.


“Priest as Bearer of the Mystery.”  Church  June, 1994.


Essays in Books


“The Metaphysics of Co-Inherence:  A Meditation on the Essence of the Christian Message” in The Church in the 21st Century, Forthcoming from Crossroad, 2006.


“God” in The Blackwell Companion to Catholicism  Forthcoming from Blackwell, 2007.


“The Church is Priestly” in The Many Marks of the Church,  (New London, CT.: 23rd Publications), 2006.


“Christian Humanism” in John Paul II and St. Thomas Aquinas (Naples, Fl.:  Sapientia Press), 2006.


“Evangelizing the American Culture” in Secularity and the Gospel (New York:  Crossroad), 2006.


“Thomas Aquinas:  Post-Modern.”  In Sacramental Presence in a Post-Modern Context  (Leuven:  Peeters Press), 2001.


“Paul Tillich’s Theology of Revelation in the Dogmatik of 1925.”  In Etudes sur la Dogmatique (1925) de Paul Tillich  (Quebec:  Les Presses de l’Université de Laval), 1999.



Book Reviews


Jim Fodor and Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, Aquinas in Dialogue:  Thomas for the Twenty-First Century in The Thomist, forthcoming in 2007.


Simon Francis Gaine, Will There Be Free Will in Heaven?  Freedom, Impeccability and Beatitude in Modern Theology, July 2005.


Nicholas M. Healy, Thomas Aquinas:  Theologian of the Christian Life in The Thomist, July 2004.


Thomas Merton, The Inner Experience:  Notes on Contemplation in The Merton Seasonal, January 2004.


Michael Dauphinais and Matthew Levering, Knowing the Love of Christ:  An Introduction to the Theology of St.


Thomas Aquinas in Interpretation:  A Journal of Bible and Theology  July 2003.


The Journal Nova et Vetera in The St. Austin Review  May/June 2003.


Herbert McCabe, God Still Matters in Horizons  Winter 2003.


Kenan Osborn, Sacraments in a Postmodern World:  A Theology for the Third Millenium in Josephinum Journal of Theology  April 2001.


Richard John Neuhaus,  Appointment in Rome in Pro Ecclesia Vol. IX, n. 4, Winter 2000.


Professional Presentations and Invited Lectures


“The Four Evangelical Essentials”  Keynote Address at the North American Institute on Catholic Evangelization, sponsored by the USCCB, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2006.


“John Henry Newman as Bridge-Builder”  The 2006 Leblond Lecture at the Athanaeum of Cincinnati, April 2006.


“Augustine’s Questions:  Why the Augustinian Theology of God Matters Today”  The 2006 Habiger Lecture at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, March 2006.


“The Strange God of St. Anselm:  A Re-consideration of the Ontological Argument”  The 2006 Dehon Lecture at The Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, March 2006.


“Announcing the Lordship of Jesus Christ:  The Evangelical Task Within the Context of the Contemporary Culture”  The 2006 Fr. Carl Peter Lecture at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, January, 2006.


“Proclaiming a Message of Freedom”  A lecture delivered to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at their spring assembly in Chicago, 2005.


“Evil and Suffering:  Where is God to be Found?  Our Religions Respond”  Panelist for the 2005 Stanley C. Golder Interfaith Lecture, Northfield, Ill., April 30, 2005.


“Three Augustinian Questions”  Annual Augustine Lecture at John Carroll University in Cleveland, March 2005.


Lex Orandi Lex Vivendi:  The Liturgy as a Source for the Moral Life.”  The Martin M. Kelly Memorial Lecture, Tulane University, October 23, 2003.


“Creation, Transsubstantiation, and the Grain of the Universe.”  Meeting of the Ekklesia Group, De Paul University, July 2003.


“The Christian Humanism of Karol Wojtyla and Thomas Aquinas.”  John Paul II and the Renewal of Thomistic Theology Conference.  Ave Maria College, Ypsilanti, MI, August 2003.


“God as Artist.”  Address for the Inauguration of the Academic Year at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, November 2002.


“A Theology of Beauty as Evidenced in the Medieval Cathedrals.”  The Landrigan Lecture, The University of Dallas, July 2001.


“Merton’s Metaphysics of Peace.”  Keynote Address at the 2001 International Thomas Merton Society, June 2001.


“Thomas Aquinas and Post-Modernity.”  Second Annual International Theological Colloquium at the University of Louvain, November 1999.


“Thomas Aquinas:  Theologian of the Uncanny God.”  Aquinas Lecture at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Ind., February 1999.


“Reflections on the Cosmological Teleology of Thomas Aquinas.”  Meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America, June 1998.


“Thomas Aquinas’s Christological Reading of God and the Creature.”  Aquinas Lecture at the Dominican School of Theology, Berkeley, CA, March 1998.


“Genesis and Joyce:  Narratives of Sin, Grace, and Theonomy.”  70th Birthday Symposium for Andrew Greeley, January 1998.


“Three Apologetic Strategies:  Correlational, Cosmic, and Liberationist.”  The Mildred and Edward Rylands Lecture in Apologetics, at St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA, September 1996.


“Paul Tillich’s Doctrine of Revelation in the Dogmatik of 1925.”  International Paul Tillich Colloquium at L’Université Laval, Quebec, August 1994.


Other Professional Activities


Conducted a series of six evangelical presentations around the Archdiocese of Chicago under the heading of “Mission Chicago.”


Published a DVD entitled Conversion to Christ, 2006.


Published a DVD entitled Untold Blessings:  The Three Paths of Holiness, 2005.


Host of a sermon program The Word on Fire on WGN Radio in Chicago, 2001-2004 and on


Relevant Radio from 2005 to present.


Delivered a series of six presentations on WMAQ Radio in Chicago, Lent 2000.


Frequent speaker, preacher, and retreat master at venues across the United States.


Courses Taught


Toward a Post-Modern Catholic Theology

The Christology of Paul Tillich

The Theology of Thomas Merton

Issues in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas

The Christology of the Poets and Preachers

The Theology of Teilhard de Chardin

The Christian Doctrine of God

The Christology of Hans Urs von Balthasar

The Theology of John Henry Newman

The Classics of Twentieth Century Theology

The Theology of the Reformation

The Theology of the 18th and 19th Centuries

Post-Liberal Theology

Issues in Liberation Theology

A Catholic Theology of the Eucharist

Doctrine and Method

Political and Social Philosophy

The Philosophy of Being and God

Medieval Philosophy


Membership in Professional Organizations


The Catholic Theological Society of America


The North American Paul Tillich Society


G.K. Chesterton Society

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