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October 4, 2008 - 8:16 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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!Al Partir el Pan! Our New Spanish Edition!

Beginning in February, the St. Paul Center will publish Al Partir el Pan ("Breaking the Bread") - Spanish-language translations of our popular biblical reflections on the Sunday Mass readings.

The translations will be posted on our website, where you'll be able to download them for free to use as homily helps, parish bulletin inserts, or as resource in other ministries.

If you know a Hispanic ministry or parish that would like to receive these reflections, please send us their names and address at

"Al Partir el Pan is a very significant new initiative," Dr. Scott Hahn said. "We're helping bishops and pastors respond to an urgent and growing need in the Church - to strengthen families and parishes, especially in immigrant areas where they face serious challenges from fundamentalist sects."

Roughly 72 percent of the U.S. Hispanic population is Catholic and Hispanics are by far the fastest-growing segment of the American Catholic population.

According to the U.S. bishops' office on Hispanic affairs, about 39 percent, or 25 million, of the nation's 65 million U.S. Catholics are Hispanic.

But this population is the target of aggressive and frequently deceptive prosyletizing by self-described Bible-based sects, especially in the U.S. southwest.

Separated from their families, subject to poverty and uncertainty, many Hispanic immigrants are reportedly leaving the Church under the influence of this preaching. The strategy of the sects has been to cast the Catholic Church as "un-biblical" and to portray Protestantism as an avenue for economic advancement and a "true" experience of Jesus.

"We're helping pastors and Hispanic leaders fight back at the level where the sects think Hispanic Catholics are most vulnerable - the area of the Bible," said Dr. Hahn. "Our biblical reflections not only help demonstrate the biblical basis of Catholic beliefs, they also show how the Bible is central to Catholic worship, especially the Mass. This initiative will have lasting effects on Spanish-language preaching and religious education."

Al Partir el Pan will be co-translated by a U.S.-born missionary priest working in El Salvador, and a Mexican-born lay person, also working in the Salvadoran missions. 

To access Al Partir el Pan, click here
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