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October 4, 2008 - 8:15 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Catholic Education Program

The Catholic Education Series is a comprehensive introduction to the faith, designed by Scott and Kimberly Hahn and generously hosted on the web by Newman Catholic Apologetic Resources. The series is also available on audio and video cassette from St. Joseph Communications. The series' 35 programs are organized into six parts. We make the first 32 available below:

Part I: Groundwork
Part 2: Salvation History
Part 3: The Four Marks of the Church
Part 4: Answering Common Objections: A Closer Look at Christ’s Church
Part 5: The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church

Part 6: Families of Faith

Part I: Groundwork
Part 1 lays the foundation for the entire program. Scott and Kimberly introduce themselves and tell how they came to see the Catholic Church as Christ’s Church and the Family of God. This is followed by an overview of the Church and then by an explanation of how, in Christ’s plan, the Bible and the Church can’t be separated.

Catholic - Beginner 1. The Scott Hahn Conversion Story: Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic

This program introduces Scott Hahn and his journey into the Catholic Church.

Catholic - Beginner 2. My Conversion Story: Kimberly Hahn
This program introduces Kimberly Hahn and her journey into the Catholic Church.

Catholic - Beginner 3. The Splendor of the Church
Scott gives an overview of the Church, the Bride of Christ, the Family of God.

Catholic - Beginner 4. The Bible and the Church: Both or Neither
Having established that the Church is the Bride of Christ and the Family of God, Scott shows in this program how the Bible and the Church are meant to go together like flesh and . They must be accepted or rejected together: both or neither.

Part 2: Salvation History
Part 2 presents a broad overview of salvation history, focusing on the development of the Family of God from Adam and Eve to the coming of Christ and the Catholic Church.

Catholic - Beginner 5. One Holy Family - One Holy Tribe
This program discusses how God entered into a covenant with His creation: making the universe His glorious temple and Himself the Father of us, His children.

Catholic - Beginner 6. One Holy Tribe (continued)
This program concludes the overview of salvation history from Adam to Noah.

Catholic - Beginner 7. One Holy Nation - One Holy Kingdom
Beginning with God’s covenant with Noah, this program shows how the human family came to be divided into tribes and how God chose to make a covenant with Abraham. Scott then shows how the covenant with Abraham makes the twelve tribes of Israel His own national family and a priestly people.

Catholic - Beginner 8. One Holy Kingdom (continued)
This program continues with a look at God’s covenant with David and how that was intended to transform Israel into a kingdom that would teach God’s wisdom to the nations. This kingdom in turn is a prototype of the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church, to come with the Jesus Christ.

Catholic - Beginner 9. One Holy Church
This final program of the salvation history series shows how all the covenants of the Old Testament, all of the promises God made to His people, are fulfilled in the New Covenant of Christ and His Church.

Part 3: The Four Marks of the Church
Part 3 focuses on the Church that Christ says He will build (See Matthew 16). In the first four presentations in this area, Scott considers the four defining characteristics of Christ's Church and how these four marks are rooted in the Scripture and the ancient tradition of the Church. 

Catholic - Beginner 10. The Church is One
In this program Scott helps us to understand how, unlike the various Protestant denominations, the Catholic Church has always emphasized its fundamental unity. Just as there is only One Faith, there is and always has been only One Church, One Lord and One God.

Catholic - Beginner11. The Church is Holy
Scott focuses here on the holiness of the Church and the role of the saints in the Mystical Body of Christ. God's demand that the Church be holy, he says, is nothing less than a father's concern for the protection of his children.

Catholic - Beginner12. The Church is Catholic
Scott explains the origin and the meaning of the word "Catholic" and why the Church is intended to be the universal community of all believers guided by Christ through His appointed vicar on earth, the Holy Father.

Catholic - Beginner13. The Church is Apostolic
This program focuses on one of the unique claims of the Catholic Church: that it represents a real, unbroken chain of authentic oral teaching and power that extends back 2,000 years to the Apostles.

Part 4: Answering Common Objections: A Closer Look at Christ’s Church
A detailed look at the framework of the Church, that demonstrates how Catholic teachings about the Pope, Mary, Purgatory, the Saints and the Eucharist are woven into God’s master idea of the Family of God.

Catholic - Beginner 14. The Pope, Holy Father
This program deals with one of the most misunderstood and often attacked aspects of the Church.

Catholic - Beginner 15. Purgatory, Holy Fire
This program explains the Scriptural roots of this misunderstood doctrine, showing how necessary it is to understanding Christ's redemptive work in salvation.

Catholic - Beginner 16. Mary, Holy Mother
Scott explains the biblical roots of the Church’s Marian doctrines, focusing on the Books of Genesis and Isaiah.

Catholic - Beginner 17. Mary, Ark of the Covenant
A continuation of the previous program, this one looks more closely at the ways Mary was foretold and prefigured in the Old Testament.

Catholic - Beginner 18. Saints, Holy Siblings
Approaching veneration of the saints from a biblical perspective, Scott begins with the Book of Hebrews and the "Old Testament Hall of Fame." He explains how the saints are members of God's family in heaven, the "older siblings" of God's sons and daughters on earth.

Catholic - Beginner 19. Eucharist, Holy Meal
In this program Scott brings to life the biblical background of the Eucharist as a sacrifice and as the establishment of the New Covenant. Focusing on the Biblical concept of covenant, he explains how the Eucharist is the way in which God swears His final and eternal promise to His children.

Part 5: The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church
In the next set of lessons, Scott looks at the Catholic understanding of sacrament by comparing it to the Old Testament notion of covenant: a -oath in which people bind themselves together in solemn and eternal family bonds of allegiance.

Catholic - Beginner 20. The Meaning of Sacraments
Scott explores the roots of the Catholic understanding of the sacraments in the biblical conceptions of oath and covenant.

Catholic - Beginner 21. Grace is For/Giving and For/Getting
The sacraments, Scott explains, are the solemn oaths by which God binds human beings to Himself and makes of them a holy family. He also provides an overview of the seven sacraments and their function in God’s family plan.

Catholic - Beginner 22. Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Baptism and Confirmation
This program shows how through these two sacraments human beings respond to the divine promise of covenant by pledging themselves to God in Christ.

Catholic - Beginner 23. Communion as Reunion: The Eucharist
In this program Scott explains how in the Eucharist, in the holy sacrifice of the Mass, Christ gives Himself to His people and establishes the New Covenant.

Catholic - Beginner 24. Holy Healing: Penance and Anointing of the Sick
This program deals with how these sacraments offer spiritual healing.

Catholic - Beginner 25. Going on Vocation: Marriage and Holy Orders
In this final program on the sacraments, Scott offers biblically based advice for young men considering the priesthood and young couples pursuing marriage.

Catholic - Beginner 26. The Lamb's Supper
All of the previous lessons find their fulfillment and climax in the Mass. This program is designed to explain the Catholic Mass as a biblical prayer that unites heaven and earth, angels and men, all of creation in an eternal hymn of praise to God.

Part 6: Families of Faith
This final part of the series examines how to apply our Catholic faith to our families.

Catholic - Beginner 27. Christ and the Church: A for Marriage
In this program Scott shows how the relationship between Christ and His Church is the perfect for all marriages, drawing especially on the teachings of St. Paul.

Catholic - Beginner 28. The Holy Family: A for the Catholic Home
This program deals with just how it is that Joseph, Mary and Jesus are the perfect for all Catholic homes. Scott looks at each of their roles in the family and examines the example each one sets for all of us.

The remaining programs in the series, available from St. Joseph Communications, are:

29. Children: A for Family Growth

30. Catechizing the Family

31. Know Your Rites: Living the Sacramental Life as a Family

32. Overworked and Underprayed: Catholic Devotions for the Family

33. Catechizing and Evangelizing the Family: A Vision for the 21st Century

34. The Great Omission: Why Catholics Don't Evangelize

35. The Catholic Gospel: More Than Saving Sinners

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