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October 4, 2008 - 8:15 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Answering Common Objections

Answering Common Objections: A Closer Look at Christ’s Church is one of Dr. Scott Hahn’s most popular teaching series. In this detailed look at the framework of the Church, Scott demonstrates how Catholic teachings about the Pope, Mary, Purgatory, the Saints and the Eucharist are woven into the God’s master idea of the Family of God. Each installment of the series lasts about 30 minutes. To listen on your computer, you’ll first need to download a free Real Audio Player.

The Pope, Holy Father
Purgatory, Holy Fire
Mary, Holy Mother
Saints, Holy Siblings
Eucharist, Holy Meal

The Pope, Holy Father
These programs deal with one of the most misunderstood and often attacked aspects of the Church.
Catholic - Beginner - Holy Father 1
Catholic - Beginner - Holy Father 2
Catholic - Beginner - Holy Father 3

Purgatory, Holy Fire
These programs explain the Scriptural roots and of this misunderstood doctrine, showing how necessary it is to understanding Christ's redemptive work in salvation.
Catholic - Beginner - Purgatory 1
Catholic - Beginner - Purgatory 2
Catholic - Beginner - Purgatory 3

Mary, Holy Mother
Scott explains the biblical roots of the Church’s Marian doctrines, focusing on the ways Mary was foretold and prefigured in the Old Testament.
Catholic - Beginner - Mary 1
Catholic - Beginner - Mary 2
Catholic - Beginner - Mary 3

Saints, Holy Siblings
Approaching veneration of the saints from a biblical perspective, Scott begins with the Book of Hebrews and the "Old Testament Hall of Fame." He explains how the saints are members of God's family in heaven, the "older siblings" of God's sons and daughters on earth.
Catholic - Beginner - Saints 1
Catholic - Beginner - Saints 2
Catholic - Beginner - Saints 3

Eucharist, Holy Meal

In these programs Scott brings to life the biblical background of the Eucharist as a sacrifice and as the establishment of the New Covenant. Focusing on the Biblical concept of covenant, he explains how the Eucharist is the way in which God swears His final and eternal promise to His children.
Catholic - Beginner - Eucharist 1
Catholic - Beginner - Eucharist 2
Catholic - Beginner - Eucharist 3

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