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October 4, 2008 - 8:15 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
Dr. Scott Hahn, Founder and Director
Greetings from Dr. Scott Hahn, Founder and President
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Getting the Most Out of

1. Our Site is divided into four areas. Here's what you'll find:

2. Be sure to read our Mission Statement and our Links Policy so you know what we're about and what we're up to.

3. Browse, then bookmark, The Library of Apologetics.

4. Take a class with Visit: On-Line Instruction.

5. Browse Scott and Kimberly Hahn: Selected Audio Resources, the best collection of their talks and interviews available on the web.

6. Commit yourself to listening to Our Father's Plan, a 13-part series that walks you through the Bible, book-by-book. After that you'll be ready for The Adult Catholic Education program, which is a comprehensive study of the Catholic faith and its biblical foundations.

7. Check out our short Biblical Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings, which highlight the connections between the Old and the New Testament passages. A great way to get more out of Mass, too. Bookmark this page!

8. Remember, if you have questions, suggestions or other comments, email .

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