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October 4, 2008 - 8:17 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Scott Hahn - Catholic Life and Practice (A/V)

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Our Audio/Visual resources are offered through our long-time partner, St. Joseph Communications. Click on the Title for more information on any item. Click on the Price to purchase this item from the St. Joseph Communications' secure website. (On the St. Joseph Site, click the "Add to Cart"  to place your order). Please double-check to be sure you are ordering the item in the format you want (audio tape, video tape, audio CD). If you have questions regarding these items, call St. Joseph Communications, (800) 526-2151.

  Catholic Evangelization Weekend (w. others)
(4 video tapes)
$89.95  (Currently Unavailable)
(8 audio tapes )

Evangelizing the Baptized
(3 audio CDs)
(3 audio tapes)
$21.95   (Currently Unavailable)

Eucharistic Day at Marytown
(3 audio tapes)

Facing the Future Without Fear
(3 audio tapes)

  Living in the Holy Spirit
(3 audio tapes)

Reclaiming the Culture: Taking Back What is Ours
(5 audio tapes)

  Secrets for Successful Evangelization (w. Kimberly Hahn)
(4 audio CDs) $26.95
(4 audio tapes)

  Signs of the Times (w. others)
(4 audio tapes)
$22.95  (Currently Unavailable)

Stand up for your Faith
(4 audio tapes)
$24.95   (Currently Unavailable)
(4 audio CDs)

  The Family of God (Catholic Social Teaching)
(4 audio tapes)
$22.95  (Currently Unavailable)

The Fourth Cup (Last Supper / Eucharist)
(1 audio tape) $5.95  (Currently Unavailable)
(1 video tape)

The Most Holy Rosary
(2 audio CDs)
(2 audio tapes)

  Un-Holy War:  Sept. 11th and Beyond (Islam)
(3 audio tapes)
(3 audio CDs) $23.95

  Where is God in an Ungodly World? (On Atheism)
(4 audio tapes) $22.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  You Better Believe It!: Ten Pillars of Catholic Catechetics
(7 audio tapes)

Other Audio-Visual Resources by Dr. Scott Hahn

 Personal Testimony
 The Bible and Salvation History 
 Talking to Non-Catholics
 The Church and the Papacy
 Sacraments and Covenant
 Mary and the Saints
 Faith and Doctrine
 Catholic Life and Practice
 Family Life


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