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October 4, 2008 - 8:17 AM EDT
"Did not our hearts burn within he opened up to us the Scriptures?"
—Luke 24:32
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Scott Hahn - Bible and Salvation History (A/V)

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Our Audio/Visual resources are offered through our long-time partner, St. Joseph Communications. Click on the Title or Price for more information or to purchase this item from the St. Joseph Communications' secure website. (On the St. Joseph Site, click the "Add to Cart"  to place your order). Please double-check to be sure you are ordering the item in the format you want (audio tape, video tape, audio CD).   If you have questions regarding these items, call St. Joseph Communications, (800) 526-2151.


  Finding Christ in the Old Testament
(7 audio tapes) $34.95 (Currently Unavailable)

  Genesis 1-22: The Covenant as a Family Affair
(7 audio CDs) $48.95
(1 book) $10.95

  The Rise and Fall of the Old Testament Church
(4 audio tapes) $22.95  

  A Kingdom Divided: Healing God's Family   
(4 audio CDs) $26.95  

(12 audio tapes) $49.95

  Israel's Calf Hearted Response:  The Pentateuch
(5 audio tapes) $24.95

  Exploring the Depths of Jonah: A Bible Study
(3 audio tapes) $19.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  Your Share of the Prophets: Old Testament Prophecy
(6 audio CDs) $34.95  


 Encountering Christ in the Gospels
(6 audio tapes) $29.95  


  The Gospel of Matthew
(3 audio tapes) $19.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  Thy Kingdom Come: The Gospel of Matthew
(12 audio CDs or tapes) $53.95

 The Gospel of Mark
(5 audio CDs) $30.95

  The Gospel of Luke
(6 audio CDs) $34.95  

  The Gospel of John
(15 audio CDs) $76.95  

The Gospel of John - Complete Program
(15 audio CDs, study guide, study Bible) $81.95   (Currently Unavailable)
(15 audio tapes, study guide, study Bible) $79.95  (Currently Unavailable)


  The Acts of the Apostles
(3 audio tapes) $19.95  

  The New Pentecost
(4 audio tapes) $22.95  

   Romanism in Romans
(13 audio tapes) $59.95  

  All Israel Will Be Saved: A Bible Study Romans 9-11
(4 audio tapes) $22.95

(6 audio tapes) $29.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  The Mystery: A Bible Study on Paul's Ephesians
(5 audio tapes) $24.95   

  The Book of Hebrews
(8 audio CDs) $42.95

  A Study of the Epistle of James
(6 audio tapes) $29.95   (Currently Unavailable)

  The First Epistle of Peter
(4 audio CDs) $26.95 


The End - The Book of Revelation
(12 audio tapes) $66.95  
(1 study guide) $14.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  The Lamb's Supper (EWTN series w. Mike Aquilina)
(5 audio CDs) $30.95  
(3 video tapes) $59.95  

  Heaven's Mass: What John Saw in the Book of Revelation
(4 audio tapes) $22.95


  The Splendor of the Church - The Bible
(1 video tape) $29.95

  Can You Trust the Bible?
(6 audio CDs) $34.95  

  How to Study the Bible
(5 audio CDs) $30.95

  Returning to Our Senses: How to Interpret the Bible
(5 audio tapes) $24.95 

  The Bible Alone
(8 audio tapes) $39.95 

  Getting Our Stories Straight: Scripture and Meaning of Life
(3 audio tapes) $21.95  


  Building a Catholic Biblical World View
(6 audio CDs) $34.95  

  Calling All Catholics to Be Bible Christians..And Vice Versa
(3 audio tapes) $19.95

  Our Father's Plan (w. Jeff Cavins)
(8 audio tapes ) $39.95  (Currently Unavailable)
(1 study guide) $11.95
(1 book) $4.95
(1video DVD) $59.95  

  Salvation History
(5 audio CDs) $42.95

  The Big Picture In Scripture
(6 audio tapes) $29.95   (Currently Unavailable)

  The Catholic Gospel
(8 audio tapes) $39.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  What is the Covenant
(3 audio tapes) $19.95  


  Our Father Revealed: The Lord's Prayer
(3 audio CDs) $23.95  

  The Sermon on the Mount
(4 audio tapes) $22.95  

  The Fourth Cup (The Last Supper /Eucharist)
(1 audio CD) $7.95 (Currently Unavailable)
(1 video tape) $24.95   

  A Window into Our Savior's Heart: Jesus' 7 Last Sayings
(3 audio tapes) $21.95
(3 audio CDs) $23.95  (Currently Unavailable)

  How to Get the Most Out of Mass
(4 audio CDs) $26.95

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